Bolzano, South Tyrol: City Centre and 2 Walking Tours to do in Italy’s Most Livable City

Bolzano, capital of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol, always ranks on top of the chart of the “most liveable cities in Italy” and it’s mostly known for the Christmas Market and Ötzi-the Iceman. But there’s more than that. Bolzano is a city literally split between its Italian and German soul and often misunderstood within its own country. Want to learn more about its history and discover what there is to visit? Keep reading!


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Romance in Italy: Montagna Spaccata and the Legend of a Doomed Love

It’s February, the month of love, and Kristie, Kelly and Jasmine encouraged us to write about “Romance in Italy”. I will join the Dolcevitabloggers Linkup by sharing a legend born in my territory that involves two star-crossed lovers and a mountain literally cut in half. Welcome to the realm of the Montagna Spaccata.

Montagna Spaccata

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Italy: from Sunup to Sundown

This month’s topic for the DolceVitaBloggers’ linkup is “A perfect day in Italy“. I didn’t intend to join, as I’m way behind with my blog’s schedule, but then I started to read Jasmine, Kelly and Kristie‘s entries and I suddenly found inspiration. Suggesting an itinerary for a “perfect day” in the Belpaese would have been an impossible task for me, so I’m glad it was a poem that came up. I’m also happy it was born in Italian, as sometimes I miss writing in my own language. You’ll find a translation of course, along with explanations in the notes and cultural ( and personal) references. I thought it could be useful for those of you who are learning Italian.

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Not Your Classic Love Letter to Italy

Despite writing consistently about Italy, I have very mixed sentiments toward it. When the hosts of the DolcevitaBloggers Linkup – Kelly, Jasmine and Kristie – asked us to write a love letter to Italy for the February issue, I was very torn and I struggled a lot. What did I come up with? Keep reading to discover it.


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