Living the sweet life: #dolcevitabloggers linkup

I had the pleasure to meet Kelly through Instagram and this is how I came across her blog and read about her deep connection with her Italian roots.

Loving her perspective on “the sweet life”, I have decided to take part in her #dolcevitabloggers linkup and I invite you to do the same if you have something to share about the topic of focusing on the good in life.


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An acrostic to say hello!

Hello, my name is







and I’m here to welcome you in my blog! Other than hiding myself behind word games and leather jackets, I like to rant about the three T: tourism, travel and territory!

But don’t expect the classic travel blog: even though I believe that online reviews and bloggers’ tips have significantly enhanced the awareness of the travellers, I don’t like when blog posts stop at the surface. I truly believe in the power of travelling, which is the ensemble of those experiences that allows you to become a wiser, healthier and happier human being.

So, if you’d like to  experience rather than just seeing things, stick around and discover my travel philosophy.

Find more info concerning the blog and myself in the about page.


See ya 😉