Algorithms are not evil. People are.

Saying that I’ve been blocked is an understatement. At least in terms of writing, because, for the rest, my existence has been quite eventful.

Life as a tourism worker is never stuck in a rut: trains become your legs and the luggage your home. By now I never totally unload not I put them away.

As all things, this way of living has its pros and cons: it surely can be exciting, however “the thrill” can wear you down, especially when extended for a long period of time.

Age plays also a more relevant role as years go by: the older you become, the higher is the crave for harmony and peace of mind, rather than for fun and excitement.

This kind of mind shift takes one by surprise at first, especially if, when growing up, adrenaline and a lack of boring routine were essential things to function properly. How does one age without even realizing it?

This change impacted my relationship with writing and my online presence as well, both of which have become more and more sparse. To be honest with you, however, I haven’t really missed social media.

The exchange of views with people having different opinions used to be a way to connect, grow and even boost myself. I need that kind of mental stimuli to feel good.

However, we all know it, for most people this isn’t the case: having a different opinion means “attacking other’s freedom of speech” or being arrogant. Social media’s feeds, which once were the modern version of the agora, have become trashcans where people can vomit their hate and pick up fights over the most insignificant things. The other day I had the insane idea of scrolling through my Twitter feed and random people were tearing each other apart on whether it is proper to put the IBAN on wedding invitations or not. Are we for real?!

People complain about the toxicity of modern society and about algorithms driving our lives, yet we are the first to feed said algorithms with negativity and malice, spreading hate like a cancer.

I’ve had the privilege to meet great people over the years on the internet, yet trying to keep up with their updates meant delving into said toxic algorithm-driven feeds, which show what they want us to see rather than the accounts of the people we are interested in. And what they want us to see is controversial content which generates interactions and “internet drama”.

For this reason, I am not interested in playing this game anymore. I would still love to keep in touch with you people, but I just cannot stand social media feeds anymore. I will post and try to keep in touch with the people I want to through notifications and I will concentrate more on the blog, which is my personal ground.

Putting boundaries is sometimes necessary for mental health.


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