Italian Cappuccino and the 11 am Rule: the Ultimate Truth

Everywhere you look on the Internet, you’ll find the supposed holy commandment of the Italian coffee culture: never drink cappuccino after 11 am. But is there such a rule in real life or is it just a slogan born on the Internet where messages must be concise and catchy? The truth, as always, is in between.

Italian Cappuccino 11 am rule

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Romance in Italy: Montagna Spaccata and the Legend of a Doomed Love

It’s February, the month of love, and Kristie, Kelly and Jasmine encouraged us to write about “Romance in Italy”. I will join the Dolcevitabloggers Linkup by sharing a legend born in my territory that involves two star-crossed lovers and a mountain literally cut in half. Welcome to the realm of the Montagna Spaccata.

Montagna Spaccata

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Italy: from Sunup to Sundown

This month’s topic for the DolceVitaBloggers’ linkup is “A perfect day in Italy“. I didn’t intend to join, as I’m way behind with my blog’s schedule, but then I started to read Jasmine, Kelly and Kristie‘s entries and I suddenly found inspiration. Suggesting an itinerary for a “perfect day” in the Belpaese would have been an impossible task for me, so I’m glad it was a poem that came up. I’m also happy it was born in Italian, as sometimes I miss writing in my own language. You’ll find a translation of course, along with explanations in the notes and cultural ( and personal) references. I thought it could be useful for those of you who are learning Italian.

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