Travel philosophy

We are all nomads by heart and nature.

We spend our lives travelling and daydreaming about spectacular journeys around the globe. We take pictures and silly selfies in front of the Seven Wonders of the World. We despise inactivity and we are eager to discover new ways of life.

Then suddenly something happens.

Specific cultures may resonate with us more than others, but the ultimate discovery is that, after a first period in which we see all through rose-tinted glasses, we start to consider countries and places for what they truly are. Misleading. Fallacious. Human.

Travel changes our perspective and outlook on life. It makes us wiser, happier and even healthier. New countries and cultures let us discover parts of ourselves we didn’t even know and open our minds to new things. But at a certain point, travelling makes us reconsider our own countries.

At first we tend to see only the things our countries fail to do, but, little by little, their values also appear. Qualities we have always taken for granted.

We must be aware of our origins, in life and when travelling.

A traveller without roots is like a kite without a rope connecting it to the ground and that roams around the skies without a guidance or a direction.

Let’s discover our origins and our culture in order to take off and have a steady flight around the globe.

Stick around and check out the next blog posts to learn more about my roots and discover the beautiful Vicenza.