Not Your Classic Love Letter to Italy

Despite writing consistently about Italy, I have very mixed sentiments toward it. When the hosts of the DolcevitaBloggers Linkup – Kelly, Jasmine and Kristie – asked us to write a love letter to Italy for the February issue, I was very torn and I struggled a lot. What did I come up with? Keep reading to discover it.


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Modern Ruins: Recoaro Terme and the phantom of a 1800s spa-town in Italy

Modern ruins, abandoned implants, deserted buildings. These are the products of a society that constantly runs after progress. We don’t even realize it but sometimes we personally contribute to land consumption and to the abandonment of structures with our constant pursue of trends that are able to modify the urban layout of a city.  Spa-towns, for example, were a thing in the 19th century. Now, being the thermal vacation something outdated, these towns stand there like crippled creatures waiting for someone to remember and cure them. Let’s explore one of these towns located in the Veneto region: Recoaro Terme.

Recoaro Terme

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How to stop being just a tourist

When they say Instagram is the most superficial social media around, that is not true. In there I was actually able to meet very interesting and talented people and among them there’s without any sort of doubt Elfin Waters.
Elfin teaches Italian in a very smart and fun way, with a “visual” approach that I’ve found both inspiring and useful. I know this first-hand as I’m still personally struggling with foreign languages and a myriad of learning techniques. For those of you who are trying to learn La Bella Lingua to have a more fulfilling experience when visiting Italy, hear what she has to say in the following guest post that I gladly share here.

joshua-earle-2521Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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