I’m one!

Let’s celebrate the first year of the blog and see what’s coming next!


Dear friends,

I’m happy to announce that on Saturday I celebrated the first anniversary of my blog, yay! I’ve started to take it to heart only in recent times, but I’m motivated to continue in this journey, to grow as a blogger and to provide you with new content!

As you probably know if you’ve read my about page, I have studied tourism and I’ve worked for a period as a travel agent specialized in incoming services to Italy. Sadly, things didn’t end well: don’t let anyone tell you any different, the tourism environment is a tough world to be in, characterized by unregulated activities and unfair competition and it’s hard to fight these things, especially in a country like Italy.

Even though I have lost that job, the passion for the world of travel and tourism has not faded one bit and, despite the difficulties, now I’m motivated more than ever to portray my personal view on the matter. When working in the sector, but also by just browsing the Internet and the social media, I have noticed how much people see tourism and travel destinations like status symbols, only functional to boast their egos in front of friends and family. I can’t stand that, honestly. Destinations are not products nor merchandise to do be distractedly purchased from a stall, but real and vibrant places inhabited by living people with joys and sorrows that have something to show and even to teach us. That’s where the subheading of my blog comes from: “Travel to be better, not to be cool”. Seriously, I have had enough of people just showing off.

As for Italy, which is probably the main theme of this blog, since the very beginning I have wanted  to give the perspective of the “insider”. I have always enjoyed reading the blogs of expats, foreign tourists and Italophiles, because those are points of view which I value very much, especially in terms of understanding what drags people to Italy and which are the values and traits we fail to see as Italians grown accustomed to them. Concerning me, what I wanted to do was giving the perspective of the native that may be less prone to see this country through rose-tinted glasses (nothing wrong with it, but representing the real thing is necessary every once in a while) and that knows spots which are less touristy, but equally charming. I have also thought that an insider voice would be helpful to cast a light on the folkways and the mentality of a people that is all but predictable and easy to understand.


I plan to write more posts about:

  • Italian folkways and customs;
  • Arts and especially Italian literature, which, I fear, is the art which is the less promoted abroad (ok, #ferrantefever apart);
  • Off-the-beaten-path destinations + a dedicated page with info on how to reach them through public transportation (it can be tricky moving around Italy and reaching certain spots);
  • More about yours truly? (Not that I’m that interesting, but learning about personal and family histories is always a great way to be introduced to a foreign culture).


I’m quite active on Twitter and Instagram (where I have also posted my #100ItalyFacts challenge). Very recently I have also joined Flipboard (where I’m enjoying to do press-reviews through my magazines). I also have Pinterest, but I’m kind of discouraged by the recent updates of the platform, which I don’t like. Meh.

Thanks to everyone who has joined me in this adventure! I’m open to suggestions and I will gladly listen to your opinions. Would you like me to write about something in particular?

A presto,



15 thoughts on “I’m one!

  1. Congratulations Sara, what a milestone! I’ve been thinking about what you said, and it totally resonates with me. Travel is soo much more than just bum on coach, photo on arrival and sleep in between! And don’t even get me started on those who travel purely to spice up their personas on Instagram… I would love to hear more of your inside stories. Here’s to turning two soon! 🍸😊

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    1. fkasara

      Thank you very much 😆❤
      Yeah, I just read the other day that Instagram contributes to the development of depression (!!) as users follow these people that, as you said, have created “a persona” who apparently travel and dine in the finest restaurants all the bloody time. It worries me a bit that people are not able to understant that’s all kind of fake, though…*sigh*
      Two?!Wow, congrats as well!! ❤❤❤

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      1. I wouldn’t be surprised at that. Social media is an insidious killer. It plays on your mind that your life is never good enough, not to mention the fear of missing out. It’s awful, I wonder how kids these days can navigate through social media without feeling downtrodden about life. I’ve recently been watching a Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why, and it’s opened my eyes to teenage social issues.
        Sorry I sidetrack – we appreciate your voice and your passion for your country. Can’t wait to see it for myself!

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      2. fkasara

        I have always been taught to use my “critical sense” when approaching media, so I guess that’s why I was perplexed when I saw people being completely “ipnotized” and believing everything shared through those things. But not everybody is equipped to face media in the right way, I fear :\
        But you’re right, for a kid/teenager it must be a nightmare…

        Don’t worry, I don’t mind going off topic when discussing posts! It’s always stimulating and I value your pov ❤

        Yay, I hope you will enjoy your stay in Italy!

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  2. Happy first birthday, Sara! ♫♪ I love to visit your blog and hear your opinions on Italy from the inside. Great to hear about your plans, will absolutely stick around. And I wish you much success in the industry.

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    1. fkasara

      Thank you dear, especially because you were one of the first who added me! I’m very glad I had the opportunity to get to know you ❤❤

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  3. Congrats on one year! I didn’t realise you’d worked in tourism, too! I’ve worked for 4 airlines, an airport, a hotel and an incoming agency, all since 2001! My pet peeve is people (often young bloggers or instagrammers) who say “be a traveller, not a tourist” – aaaargh! I have a whole post written on that topic and why it annoys me, but it’s still in draft mode since I don’t like to rant. Just writing it was therapeutic, hahah! Anyway, here’s to more years of happy blogging to you! 😊

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    1. fkasara

      Thank you very much ❤ Oh wow, you've got a lot of experience in the travel department!

      Eh, I know what you mean…I see several times young travel bloggers/instagrammers that annoy me: I can't stand when they give wrong info and people believe them *sigh* Or when they copy-paste generic articles from the Internet…

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