#100ItalyFacts on Instagram: days 84-90

Hi guys,

here you are the usual review. This week I have decided to share some info about Turin, the official first capital city of Italy.

The next review won’t be published next Sunday, but on Feb.8th, when the challenge will be officially over 🙂 Almost finished 💪



4 thoughts on “#100ItalyFacts on Instagram: days 84-90

  1. Wow I didn’t know about the 12 linguistic minorities… very interesting. Aaah vicoli are my favourite things, Italy does them so well… the vicoli of every city have different atmospheres; those in Genova or Naples can be quite ominous, while those in the hilltowns are welcoming and lovely. That’s very curious about Ripatransone. Where was the day86 photo taken by the way?

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  2. Again a whole lot of new data for me, especially about those magic triangles. 😮 I was in San Francisco and Prague and Lyon (but not Turin), and can’t say I felt much… But now that you mention it… 😉 And good to know about so many linguistic minorities, including Slovenian-based. I see the last part is still missing on here… I’m sure it will come eventually (since on Twitter your 100 facts are already complete.)

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    1. fkasara

      Yeah, Turin has a long tradition of esoteric stuff…also the Savoy family, the one that then became the royal one, was said to be involved in alchemy. I plan to write a post on Turin in the future, it’s a fascinating city for sure. Very elegant, I would say!

      Yeah, the Slovenian-based are obviously to be found in Friuli!

      Oh God, you’re right! I posted it under “Italy according to an Italian”, but I totally forgot to update with a blog post. Meh.

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