#100ItalyFacts on Instagram, days 63-69

Hey guys,

I hope you enjoyed these last festivities! I surely did with tons of food and with the company of friends and family 😉 I even visited my friends in South Tyrol and we played the tourists for few days, so it was all really great!

During these last days, I have written about Epiphany, the last festive day of the “Christmas period”, and about Carnival, the period of the year in which all the social rules are supposed to be reversed!

I hope you enjoy, see you this week with the first entry about Vicenza 😘


4 thoughts on “#100ItalyFacts on Instagram, days 63-69

  1. I always think those statues in Fascist architecture look like something that should be decorating a gay sauna. They’re so butch and sexual. I think Stazione Centrale in Milan has some similar giant men doing things with machines. Why are all those shoes up that tree? Is it something to do with drug dealing?? (probably not: in Dublin, trainers hanging from electric cables are supposed to show where you can buy drugs, or something….). I had no idea there was a battle with oranges in Piedmont! Like that tomato thing in Spain? I love oranges, I would be tempted to just eat them. I hate food fights: I think it’s because I am a repressed Brit…

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    1. fkasara

      Haha xD You’re right! I can’t remember now the statues in Stazione Centrale in Milan, but yeah, they are probably allegories of vapour and electricity…Fascism used to put them outside train stations.

      Originally “shoefiti” (shoe tossing) was used to indicate the drug dealing sites, but nowadays it is a common practice among skaters in order to “mark their territory”. The one I photographed is near what is supposed to be the best skatepark in Italy.

      Yeah, more or less..but I guess oranges hurt more than tomatoes :/ As an Italian I hate food fights for the food waste, haha.

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