#100ItalyFacts on Instagram: day 42-48

First of all, thank you guys for the amount of love I have been receiving for this series ❤ Even Italians have appreciated it, telling me it’s insightful and on point, and so I’m obviously relieved and happy as native people can be the harshest critics! Thank God, I have yet to enrage my compatriots 😂

On Tuesday I decided to write a bit about Italian cafès and their various “rules”. I have been reading around blogs some “rules”, which are not completely right and so I figured the pov of a native would have been useful.I completely get where they come from, but some clarifications needed to be done. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “#100ItalyFacts on Instagram: day 42-48

  1. Oh yes, you’re doing a great job with this series. I’m constantly checking stuff with amore and he constantly doesn’t know what I’m talking about, for example he has never heard of the voting for the euro coins! Then we had to check Apulia, he kept saying Puglia! As for Neapel, I’m very curious where this spelling for the city comes from. It’s not native, it’s not English, but it’s almost Slovenian! We say ‘Neapelj’.

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    1. fkasara

      Oh God, I keep writing it wrong…as in school I studied also German, I invert words all the time, especially Naples *sigh*

      Yes, Apulia is the English word for Puglia.

      Yeah!We did vote for the euro coins. It was during a TV programme called “Domenica in”, maybe your amore knows it 🙂

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