#100ItalyFacts on Instagram, days 21-27

Since the very beginning the purpose of this challenge was to share facts which are slightly different and less obvious from the common stories you hear about Italy basically everyday.

So this past week I have the decided to start with Italian poetry, which I guess is not very well-know for the obvious language barrier, for then examining a few legends behind some of the most high-trafficked cities and famous tourist spots and concluding with our usual culinary Sunday!

Enjoy and, if you’d like me to post about a particular topic I have yet to write about, ask in a comment below! 😉

See you next time with a post about the most famous Christmas Markets in Italy. 🎄😃


6 thoughts on “#100ItalyFacts on Instagram, days 21-27

    1. fkasara

      😂 The mushroom pickers roaming around with their underwear inside out are so funny, lol 😂😂

      I can understand why he didn’t recognize Mussolini’s speech: his speeches are not something we study at school. History textbooks are not so detailed in this matter. Concerning the poem, it must be because during school years guys are not very romantic xD

      Liked by 1 person

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